# 🎉 Introduction

XR Debug is a dump debug utility for PHP. It uses a ReactPHP (opens new window) SSE (opens new window) server to provide a web-based debug application server that you can access in any web browser.

Here's, this is what you write in your PHP code:

xr('Hello, world!');

xr(theArray: ['a' => 0, 'b' => 1], t: 'my-topic', e: '📌');

xr(🤭: 'wow', 👽: 'many', 😎: 'args');

Here's how it looks in XR Debug debugger:


There are other helper functions that allow you to show system information, pause your code, etc. You can easily build your own dump functions tailored for your specific application context.

# How it works?

  • An HTTP web server is in charge of listening to messages emitted from your code.
  • You can configure the server where your code stream messages to.
  • Calls to xr() helpers in your code emit a message to the configured XR Debug server.

XR Debug generates a beautiful variable introspection on site using VarDump (opens new window), then these HTML messages are streamed in the web interface of your XR Debug server.

# Does it work with X?

XR Debug works in any PHP 8.0+ codebase.

You can use it in your framework, CMS or custom application. You are encouraged to contribute with vendor-specific support to make XR Debug more context-aware.

Last Updated: 11/16/2022, 9:45:14 PM