# Why XR Debug and not X?

# Lightweight

Small package, low dependencies.

XR Debug is very lightweight, doesn't need anything extra besides PHP and a web browser to use it. No distro-based package, no extra installs, compile extensions or even tweak your php.ini.

# Ephemeral

And its gone!

One-click command run XR Debug server and dispose it when done. It doesn't require a database or any other persistence requirement.

# Web application

Want to toy with dump messages?

Interact with the debugger to pause, resume, clear, copy and even export messages. XR Debug has been built to enable users to handle dump messages with ease and to share these messages with other peers.

# Beautiful looking dumps™️

You'll never see better looking dumps!

We built a new var dumper (opens new window) and it looks fantastic. Forget the ubiquitous var_dump & dd style without any style, your sight will be pleased as you will enjoy a more colorful chevere experience.

# Context

Organize dumps with topics and emotes.

XR Debug uses topics and emotes to provide extra context to your dump information, enabling you to filter among multiple messages.