# 🦄 Server

The XR Debug server is the layer charge of receive and stream the debug messages. The XR Debug server can spawn from your project folder, Docker and even from a third-party server.

The repository source is available at GitHub (opens new window).

# Docker server

Run the following command to start the server at port 27420:

docker run --rm --init -i -p 27420:27420 \
    --name chevere-xr ghcr.io/chevere/xr-server

🐋 Check Docker configuration when using Docker.

# Source server

To run from source clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/chevere/xr-server.git

Run the server at port -p 27420:

./xrserver -p 27420

# Dependency server

Install the server repository as a dependency for your project:

composer require --dev chevere/xr-server

Run the server at port -p 27420:

vendor/bin/xrserver -p 27420

# Demo

Spawn the server, then run:

php vendor/chevere/xr/demo/demo.php